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We're proud of the work we do. From payment and transaction processing to enterprise-quality solutions in security, technology and marketing, we're committed to your company's success.

We serve businesses of all sizes, vested in helping you achieve your goals. Innovation, Excellence and Trust are our core values which enable us to provide an extensive lineup of services that ultimately enhances bank and other business payment services, in addition to offering unparalleled security for consumers, including handicapped consumers across the region.

We focus on customer relationships and take pride in serving as your advocate.



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MEPS National Wallet

is an eWallet mobile application, licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan that enables users to make purchases from their mobile phones, make money transfers and also pay their bills through eFAWTEERcom.
For More information, www.nationalwallet.jo

Card Issuing

The issuance of multiple card types including credit, debit, prepaid, contactless, wearables, Islamic, private-label and co-branded cards, and cards personalization and mailing. This is also compliant with multiple-payment schemes and EMV requirements.

Merchant & POS Acquiring

From your cashier directly to your account, this service offers a simple process that allows business growth, accept a wide range of credit cards and expand card outreach through MEPS’ regional network.

Transaction Processing

This service provides the complete outsourcing of card service management, ranging from payment reconciliation to data storage. Additionally, it includes issuing, acquiring and processing all types of cards and card transactions.

ATM Driving & Management

A comprehensive suite of ATM services including ATM driving and monitoring, ATM outsourcing and value-added products such as ATM access fees. Additionally, this allows remote management of products, promoting efficient ATM fleet management, improving your card holder experience, generating new revenue streams, and reducing overall transaction time, operating costs and system downtime.


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Allowing merchants to offer foreign cardholders the option to pay for
goods and services in their own currency while merchants receive payments in their local currency.

Local and regional settlement

Allowing merchants to receive settlements in local currency and maximize their benefit.

Call Center

Offering a wide range of services for customers, merchants, banks with
24/7 availability including authorization services, cardholder and merchants support.

Merchants Facilities

Establishing the foundation for merchants based on their POS acquiring
volume that permits the merchant to use or withdraw more than they
have in their account,without exceeding a specified maximum negative balance.

Instant Issuance

Providing a full instant issuing solution to instantly issue EMV and magnetic stripe financial cards to improve its level of customer service and experience to build a stronger relationships with its customers.

Web Service Solutions

Providing cardholders with a state of the art cardholder online tool. The
online portal can be accessed by cardholders online via their desktop,
smartphones, and tablets. The portal is customizable to serve different financial
 and non-financial card related services

Fraud Monitoring, Controlling

Providing customers with advanced security experience using the Expert Monitoring System (EMS) and 3D secure services.


Offering unique and global solution to optimize payment gateway business opportunity and enforcing safe, simple, and smart value proposition for accepting e-commerce transactions through MEPS Gate.

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Loyalty Solution

Guaranteeing the highest levels of customer satisfaction with an innovative reward system specifically designed and tailored to meet the customers’ requirements and expectations, allowing the business to maximize engagement with their customers.

Bill Payment/ e-FAWATEERcom

Through the integration with Jordan’s National Bill Payment Platform and facilitating the electronic collections of bill payments using POS devices and different card types.

Prepaid Cards

MEPS provides a wide range of prepaid products including:

• Gift/ Non-chargeable prepaid cards
• Reloadable prepaid cards
• General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) cards
• Closed/ Open-loop prepaid cards
• Payroll Cards
• Financial Subsidy Cards