MEPS Loyalty Management System (LMS)

          MEPS has recently launched a state-of-the-art platform to manage rewards with an advanced earning and redemption engine, MIS, campaigns, client management and communication, in addition to a white-labeled website and mobile application Android and iOS. 

Launching the system, we are keen to support our strategic partners with an array of solutions to best serve its vision for a world-class Rewards Program, while increasing the overall customer engagement level, which leads to customers’ satisfaction and advocacy, therefore MEPS developed an easy-to-manage system catered mainly for the financial institutions and large corporations to make use of different financial products and provide their clients with an enormous value regardless of the segments and category.

The designed LMS offers the most comprehensive and flexible end-to-end loyalty program with an ultimate flexibility. Clients can redeem earned points anytime, anywhere through a network of local and regional POS, e-Commerce and Cash through Omni channels, in addition to a variety of other options to benefit from earned points including cashback to card or bank account, issuance of virtual prepaid card against points, transferring points from customer to customer, and other valuable options.