MEPS launches two new services to enable merchants to increase revenue and accept online payments without the need for a website or a mobile application.

          MEPS has launched two electronic payment services in cooperation with Paytabs to help merchants and SMEs in Jordan to accept payments from their customers, without the need to develop their own applications, platforms or websites.

The first solution is the online invoicing, which enables shop owners to send a payment link to their customers via SMS or email so they can simply click on the received link, enter the card information details to complete the payment process and submit the order.

As for the other service that was launched in cooperation with Paytabs and “Zbooni” - a first of its kind mobile application - where merchants can easily create their online store through Zbooni to display their products and services.

Once a purchase order received, merchants can with a click of a button send a URL link to a customer via WhatsApp or any preferred social media platform to request a payment. The customer then clicks on the link to enter his card information and complete the purchase from home.

Commenting on this step, Ali Abdul Jabbar, CEO of MEPS, said: “These partnerships help us provide the Jordanian and regional market with innovative and secure online payment solutions. Through these two services, we will enable companies and merchants in Jordan, regardless of their size or sector, to monitor and enhance their commercial activity against all circumstances and receive payments without the need to create their own websites or smart application platforms.