Jordan Kuwait Bank Launches ‘JKBRewards’ Customer Loyalty Solution in Collaboration with MEPS

          Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) has launched a first-of-its-kind customer loyalty program under the name of JKBRewards, in cooperation with MEPS, offering clients an array of unique and diverse point redemption options.

The comprehensive program boasts several components and options that are tailored to allow clients to redeem points earned by making purchases using their bank cards - anytime and anywhere around the world. This covers local and international points-of-sale (POS), in addition to online shopping conducted directly through the JKBRewards smartphone application. The system is efficient and user-friendly, enabling clients to inquire about collected points, as well as manage and transfer them amongst one another. In the upcoming phase, clients will be able to redeem points earned by using electronic channels for completing bank transactions.

Haethum Buttikhi, Head of Retail and Private Banking at JKB, commented, “At JKB, introducing premium state-of-the-art products and services is at the forefront of our priorities. To this end, we are excited to present our clients with the highly competitive loyalty program and JKBRewards application, which facilitate the management and redemption of points, as a token of appreciation for choosing JKB as their bank of choice.”

In turn, Walid Al Naser, CEO of MEPS, stated, “Innovation is a fundamental and strategic pillar for our services, and we are pleased to extend to JKB a loyalty and rewards solution that is designed to cater to the requirements of different sectors. The full-fledged solution represents a paradigm shift in creativity and innovation, ensuring an enhanced customer experience and continued loyalty through the provision of unprecedented rewards and benefits. We constantly seek to build on our accomplishments throughout various business sectors, particularly banking, by remaining abreast of modern technology, and creating innovative and secure services that meet the needs of banks and the expectations of their clients.”