With an increasing number of consumers across the Middle East shifting towards settling their payments using electronic cards, and in accordance with the latest global payment trends, it is essential that financial institutions, wealth management corporations, payment service providers and retailers worldwide ensure that the credit, debit or prepaid cards they offer their customers are secure, flexible and reliable in order to fulfill their payment needs.


Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) is an innovative regional payment service provider, offering secure e-commerce payment gateway solutions, PCI and security services, as well as a comprehensive set of customized value-added services that meets the growing demand for payment solutions throughout the region. MEPS is a payment processor, card issuer and merchant acquirer of payment cards in Jordan, Palestine and Iraq.


MEPS currently caters to financial institutions as well as to retailers and corporations, facilitating all their credit, debit and prepaid card transactions through third party processing, ATM management, merchant acquiring, e-payment gateway solutions, mobile payments and a range of point-of-sale (POS) services.


MEPS provides an extensive lineup of services that ultimately enhances banks’ and other businesses’ payment services, in addition to offering unparalleled security for consumers across the Middle East.

brand values

brand values


MEPS’ brand values not only define us, but also complement one another, with all three reaffirming the one core value imperative to delivering top-notch financial services. The confidence that clients have in MEPS’ integrity, service quality, skill set and innovative technologies builds a solid foundation of trust that allows business partnerships to thrive and succeed.



To position MEPS as the premier leading hub for electronic and mobile payment solutions for financial institutions, corporations, SMEs and individuals across the Middle East by introducing advanced, innovative cutting-edge secure payment solutions.



To maintain MEPS’ continuous progress and pioneering standing within the local and regional card payment services industry, as well as to garner international recognition as a leading organization that is committed to best practices, unparalleled services and innovative technological solutions.

Secure Payment Services You Can Trust

As it strives to increase controls around cardholder data and reduce credit card fraud via its exposure, MEPS became certified in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in June 2012.


The PCI DSS is regarded as an information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for major debit, credit, prepaid, e-wallet, ATM and POS cards.


Additionally, MEPS was an active Participating Organization member of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). As the first and only PCI SSC Board of Advisors representative from the Pan-Arab region, MEPS is able to positively contribute to countering cybercrime and to the global PCI security community at large.



about meps page

about meps page

location map

location map



The hub of MEPS’ operations is Jordan, where it promotes a secure field of electronic payment services while adhering to the e-government program that seeks to expand the implementation of electronic governmental transactions across the Kingdom. From its headquarters in Amman, MEPS aims at accelerating the working pace at banks, businesses and governmental and financial institutions, subsequently improving the level of customer service they provide.


MEPS has been present in Iraq since 2009, offering multiple services including card issuance, ATM driving and POS management. Additionally, MEPS has further plans to expand the wide range of advanced banking products and services it offers by adding new services in the electronic payment field.


With the use of electronic payments growing rapidly in Palestine, MEPS is currently licensed to perform issuing and acquiring activities. It has been operating in Palestine since 2009, serving several banks for card issuance, ATM driving and management services, as well as POS management.


Capital Structure and Development

MEPS was established in 2009 with a paid-up capital of USD 7 million, distributed over 5 million shares. In the same year, MEPS increased its paid-up capital to USD 8.4 million


-2012, MEPS raised its capital to USD 8.7 million following a write-off amounting to USD 2.8 million in 2010 and a capital injection of USD 3.1 million from its shareholders


-2012, MEPS further augmented its capital to USD 11.5 million by introducing a new shareholder: MENA Applications and Telecommunication Services


-2014, MEPS further augmented its capital to USD 12.1 million by introducing two new shareholders: Burgan Bank Turkey and Burgan Bank Kuwait.    

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MEPS team comprises a group of highly skilled and qualified professionals, all of them work in concord with each other based on a set corporate structure.


Caesar Qulajen

Jordan Commercial Bank

Haethum Buttikhi

Deputy Chairman
Jordan Kuwait Bank

Zaid Khatib

Board Member
Ahli Bank

Naim Al-Kmus

Board Member
Jordan Islamic Bank

Abdel-Kareem Friehat

Board Member
Burgan Bank

Raed Hashim

Board Member
Housing Bank

Zain Malhas

Board Member
Capital Bank


Waleed Alnaser

Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Omama Al Sarayrah

Chief Acquiring & Digital Payments Officer

Haitham Said

Chief Operations Officer

Waleed Mohammad

Chief Technical Officer

Amany Abu Mallouh

Chief Finance Officer

Amjad Shadid

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ali Awartany

Chief Compliance & Risk Management Officer