Our Values

MEPS Brand Values       MEPS’ brand values not only define us, but also complement one another, with all three reaffirming the one core value imperative to delivering top-notch financial services: Security. The confidence that clients have in MEPS’ integrity, service quality, skill set and innovative technologies builds a solid foundation of trust that allows business partnerships to thrive and succeed.   Mission To maintain MEPS’ continuous progress and pioneering standing within the local and regional card payment services industry, as well as to garner international recognition as a leading organization that is committed to best practices, unparalleled services and innovative technological solutions.   Vision To position MEPS as the premier leading hub for electronic and mobile payment solutions for financial institutions, corporations, SMEs and individuals across the Middle East by introducing advanced, innovative cutting-edge secure payment solutions.

MEPS’ brand values, Mission and Vision 


Ameer Ben Malek, Jordan