Middle East Payment Services’ Employees Attend Customized Visa Workshop

Amman, June 2015 – Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) - a leading, innovative payment services provider in the Middle East – has held a Visa workshop customized for its employees, to stay abreast of the latest electronic payment solutions offered by the global payments technology company, Visa. The workshop was delivered by the Visa Business School, which is committed to developing leaders in payments at all levels, from senior managers and key decision-makers to card center and operations employees.   The interactive workshop was delivered by Visa Business School Trainer, Natalia Grant-Ross, and attended by Visa’s Country Manager for Jordan, Iraq and Palestine, Saleem Sawalha, with the participation of members of MEPS’ IT, Sales, Authorization, Commercial, Compliance and Chargeback, and Operations Departments. Introducing the latest global trends, the workshop addressed a broad spectrum of core payment topics including VisaNet, Transaction Cycles, Authorizations, International Automated Referral Services (IARS), Card and Pin Verifications, Positive Cardholder Authorization Services (PCAS), Visa Smart Debit/Credits (VSDC), BASE II data processing, Settlement Systems and many others.   “When working in a dynamic and evolving field like the payments industry, it becomes crucial for businesses to remain up to date on the latest innovations so that they can stay relevant and competitive within the market. Since we started offering Visa products and services earlier this year, we decided to tap into Visa Business School’s extensive expertise and to build on our team’s knowledge of the latest systems and technologies that drive electronic payments. In addition to gaining fresh insights on current payment issues and best international practices, we look forward to applying what we’ve learnt during the workshop in the field. By delivering Visa’s premium solutions, we look forward to improving our customers’ experience with MEPS,” commented MEPS CEO, Khaled Zakaria.   >[ZM1] , Visa is at the forefront of innovation globally, and we commend MEPS for sharing our vision of enhancing electronic payments in Jordan.”   >  [ZM1]


Ameer Ben Malek, Jordan