Jordan:   The hub of MEPS’ operations is Jordan, where it promotes a secure field of electronic payment services while adhering to the e-government program that seeks to expand the implementation of electronic governmental transactions across the Kingdom. From its headquarters in Amman, MEPS aims at accelerating the working pace at banks, businesses and governmental and financial institutions, subsequently improving the level of customer service they provide.   Iraq:   MEPS has been present in Iraq -since 2009. Offering the market many services such as cards issuance, ATM driving and POS management, MEPS has further plans to expand the wide range of advanced banking products and services it extends by adding new services in the electronic payment field.   Palestine:   With the use of electronic payments growing rapidly in Palestine, MEPS is currently licensed to perform issuing and acquiring activities. It has been operating in Palestine since 2009, serving several banks for cards issuance, ATM driving and management services, as well as POS management.

Jordan is the hub of MEPS’ operations; we currently also operates in Iraq and Palestine.


Ameer Ben Malek, Jordan